I have been a Certified Zentangle Teacher since August 2012.


I fell in love with the art of Zentangle months before that, and found it was one of the best activities I had ever done to centre myself, and to quickly lift my mood.

I tangle daily as a form of relaxation and meditation, and for pure enjoyment!

I am also an Occupational Therapist, and have worked as an OT in a multitude of settings and provinces across Canada.  From an OT perspective, I am fascinated with the therapeutic qualities of the art of Zentangle and its application in areas such as treating anxiety, attention problems,coordination and fine motor difficulties, and self-esteem.


Zentangle truly is a beautiful way of gaining skills and confidence and learning that “Anything is possible, one stroke at a time”.

anything is possible one stroke at a time

Currently my full-time job is an instructor at Okanagan College and I am owner and Co-founder of The Ekahi Center for Yoga and Mindfulness in Kelowna BC.  logo colour surf Ekahi

I have organised and presented at numerous conferences and workshops.  I love to teach, and I love, more than anything in the world, to see the light in a person’s eyes when they have learned something new!

Siri Marken   BScOT, MEd, CZT

2 thoughts on “ABOUT SIRI

  1. Hi. I am currently a student in the Brown Mackie occupational therapy assistant program. Do you actually use Zentangle with clients? How does Zentangle her clients reach their goals? Thank you. Beth Willis, SOTA.

    • Yes I do.
      It helps with anxiety, coordination, fine motor control, self esteem, and I have found it reduces tremors and micrographia in PD.

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